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Are you struggling to put together a professional-looking website for your online business? Or are you lost when it comes time to choose the right WordPress theme and customize pages? Do not worry. This course will teach you how best to create an outstanding, eye-catching site that is navigable by everyone. By completing this course, …

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Online Business Networking Event

Are you looking for a new business opportunity? This online business networking event will help you make connections, find out how to start an online business, join the community, make friends and even sales. You’ll be able to explore hidden opportunities that are available in your area. It’s a great way to meet people who …

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Online business

Online Business Retreat!

Do you want to start an online business but don’t know where to begin? What You’ll learn on this retreat… This retreat is perfect for anyone who wants to start an online business but doesn’t know where or how to begin. It is also great for people who have started their businesses already but need …

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Kaz Johnson

Should I start an online business?

In this free workshop, you will discover whether an online business is for you, and if so, how to research and validate your idea!  

Establish Your Online Business

Every Online needs a professional-looking website that will attract the right audience. But where do you start? Should you use WordPress? Which theme? What should the pages say? Oh yeah . . . and how the heck do you get everything to just work? This seminar looks at how you avoid the biggest website-building mistakes …

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Kaz Johnson

Clarify Your Brand Identity

The biggest platform-building mistake? Failing to clearly define your brand. Brand identity encompasses the name, typeface, logo or symbol that you associate with your business for consumers for ease-of-communication and brand awareness. Effectively communicating identity can make a company more desirable and coherent to its target audience. Partnerships and collaborations with other businesses lend their …

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Backstage Pass

Welcome to the brand-new Online Business Academy Backstage Tour!   Helping you to build and grow a successful online business I’m so excited to show you around and take a look at all the opportunities that await. The first thing you will want to do is sign up to get your free Backstage Tour Pass …

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