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Hi there, I am Karen, often referred to as just Kaz…

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Motivation can be described as the general needs that give impulse or inclination to do something. There are many types of motivation, which are either internal or external.



What is Vision? Your vision for your company, marketing materials, key success indicators – all of these are part of the vision. The ‘vision’ document represents who you are and what you hope to accomplish with your online business.



Given that the field of online business is still new, it’s important to be open to exploring different avenues. Many people call this approach “spray and pray.” The idea is to use as many different marketing channels as possible in order to find what sticks.



Leadership is the ability to set goals, to get other people on your team following your goals, and then synchronize their actions so you can all meet them


Self Improvement

Self improvement for an online business is simply the practice of constantly moving towards better outcomes. This means improving your service and offerings, your relationships with customers and prospects, and your procedures and processes all on regular intervals.


Self Awareness

Self-awareness has become increasingly important in the modern business world, because it allows us to be more aware of what we are thinking and feeling. With this awareness comes an understanding of how our thoughts and feelings can impact other people’s thoughts and feelings, which will allow for smoother interpersonal relationships with customers, friends, family members, coworkers etc.



It can be difficult to build a personal brand in the online world and generate trust with customers who don’t know you. Establishing your business and company-related keywords with blog posts is a good way to build up organic search results in Google and Bing, but it takes time.


Online Business

Searching for the business to establish online business begins with identifying your financial goals. These may be short term or long term, but they should be specific to the desired outcome.

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I’m Karen Johnson.
I Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Dreams.

Hey there, I am Karen (Kaz) I am a qualified and experienced coach and business mentor! I live on the south coast of England, two grown up children and five grandchildren.

When I am. not working, you will find me in the countryside, walking, camping or reading!

I eat keto, love personal development, and I help you to build your online business… I have been their, done it and burnt the midnight oil so you don’t have to…




There is nothing more than I live to do, and that is to coach and mentor people just like you, to build and grow a successful online business and grow a successful team for you to work with!